Sharing Insights: Casumo’s Coffee Drinking Habits

Take a peek into Casumo’s world of… coffee drinking habits

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.” – Read once on a blackboard at a local café. 

Here at Casumo we definitely are lovers of the “liquid gold”. Because, what’s a day without the smell of fresh coffee?! It’s cozy, it’s comforting, it’s basically a hug in a mug. In light of International Coffee Day, we decided to distribute a little survey among our fellow Sumos to ask them about their personal coffee drinking habits. Another quick sneak peek into the world of Casumo. Stop and smell the coffee! 

This is how we ‘brew’ it

A whole bunch of peeps were eager to fill out the survey. We collected all the answers, some things surprised us, others did not.

Here are the results of our Casumo Coffee Drinking Habits survey:

Favourite type of coffee

People were able to choose between all the coffee varieties you could possibly imagine, but with 31.3% of the total respondents, we had a clear winner: Congrats to the ‘ol Cappuccino – you simply can’t beat a winning formula.

Cups of coffee per day (on average)

Actually, the outcome of this question isn’t bad at all, very decent indeed. The large majority of respondents (62.5%) enjoys a very reasonable 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

Time of the day

We asked whether there is a particular time of the day that our fellow Sumos enjoy drinking coffee the most. I guess we could have expected this answer to win the vast majority of the votes: 65.6% of our peeps enjoy their coffee the most during the morning.


Milk has become almost as important as the coffee itself. Besides full fat, semi-fat and skimmed, there’s now a wide array of plant-based milks available and we were curious to see how many people have made the non-dairy switch. Turns out, people aren’t quite there yet (50% of the people still prefer skimmed or full fat milk), but 31.3 % of the respondents do go for the plant-based stuff.


After the milk question, we obviously had to ask about sugar intake as well. Turns out, we don’t seem to have that much of a sweet tooth. The vast majority of 71.9% prefers to drink their coffee black.

Instant coffee YES/NO

We didn’t mean to offend any of the true coffee affectionados, but we had to ask. Turns out, 43.8% of the people will turn to instant coffee, but ONLY as a last resort, followed closely by 40.6% saying that it’s an absolute no-go. 

We also asked two open questions:

  • 1) You’re really in the mood for a nice cup of coffee. Turns out, the machine is broken and all cafes are closed. What do you feel?
  • 2) Why is coffee important to you?

Here’s a selection of answers to the first question (some are real gems!):

  • “The need for a cozy hug, as this is what coffee is to me.”
  • “Existential Dread.”
  • “It’s not the end of the world, it will make the next one even more special.”
  • “You can’t feel when your brain isn’t working – so I would feel nothing.”
  • “Like two of the dwarfs from Snowwhite: Grumpy and Sleepy.”
  • “I’d just have a cup of tea instead.”
  • “I’d figure out a way to have one anyway.”
  • “Soul consuming rage.”


And here’s a selection of answers to the second question:

  • “Besides liking the flavour, it just has something cosy to it.”
  • “Grabbing a coffee with friends is the best way to socialise.”
  • “It keeps me on my toes!”
  • “My birthstone might just be a coffee bean!”
  • “A cup of coffee is like a lil’ nugget of pleasure.”
  • “I worked at a coffee shop while getting my degree and I loved every minute of it. The stories people shared with me were just incredible. Coffee for me is a reminder of the importance of storytelling.”
  • “It turns me into a Power Ranger in the morning.”
  • “First coffee, then life.”
  • “It’s the glue that holds the earth together.”
  • “It equals the start of a productive day!”
  • “Coffee brings the ‘oomph’ to my mornings.”

That’s all folks! We think it’s safe to say that coffee holds a warm place in our hearts here at the Casumo castle. It helps keep the spirit up and the creative juices brewing.


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