Top 10 Live Casino Myths

The importance of transparency

In our Top 10 FAQs provided by the Casumo Ambassadors, we already stressed the importance of transparency towards our players. We like to be open and straightforward and assist our players whenever we can. In this blog post, we’re going to share the Top 10 Live Casino myths shared by our very own Live Dealers – and boy, have they heard it all! They collected the most common ones for us to highlight right here in this blog post. It’s a great reminder to not always believe everything you hear or read right off the bat.

Read on for Casumo’s Top 10 Live Casino myths!

Top 10 Live Casino Myths

Casumo Casino 

  1. Myth: Live Game Show hosts can choose when to stop the Money Wheel to avoid large pay-outs.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Nope! Live Game Show hosts have absolutely no control over the wheel whatsoever. Neither does the wheel include a little engine nor are there brakes used at the back of the wheel. The little flapper at the top of the wheel really is the only thing slowing it down. Without it, the wheel would spin for a very long time.”
  2. Myth: When playing Live Blackjack, consecutive losses mean you’re due a win.
    Casumo’s reaction: “We’re sorry to burst this bubble, but each Blackjack hand has the same 48% shot of winning (excluding a tie or ‘Push’), no matter how you did before.” 
  3. Myth: Unskilled players affect your winning chances in Live Blackjack.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Players don’t play directly against other players, they play against the dealer. Even though unskilled players might affect the outcome of a game, there’s no way to predict whether this outcome would be of a positive or negative nature.  The result will always stay entirely random.”
  4. Myth: There are secret patterns that you can learn to track in Live Baccarat.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Again, apologies for having to burst this bubble, but there’s definitely no such thing. It’s not possible to predict the outcome of Live Baccarat, ever.”
  5. Myth: You should always play the same type of bet on Live Roulette.
    Casumo’s reaction: “This one is less far fetched than the rest of the bunch, however no bet is necessarily better than another. Even when the ball stops on red ten times in a row, it doesn’t mean that the next number will be black. In theory, the same number can drop an unlimited time, but the outcome will always stay entirely random. Our advice is to find the style that works best for you.”
  6. Myth: “The dealer’s hand” – When the dealer knows how fast the ball should spin and the wheel should turn in order to land the ball in a specific section of the wheel.
    Casumo’s reaction: “There’s absolutely no such thing as ”the dealer’s hand”. Please remember that they’re Live Dealers, not theoretical physicists. Besides, the Roulette wheel has small bumps of (fake) diamonds included which change the ball in a random direction. This makes it even more difficult to predict where the ball will stop.”
  7. Myth: A Live Roulette wheel has magnets controlling the ball.
    Casumo’s reaction: “…and if we teach Blackjack cards how to deal themselves, we’d no longer need to employ Live Dealers! But all jokes aside, Live Casino is constantly being checked by independent companies that control and guarantee the fairness of the games.”
  8. Myth: Cards come out blank from the shoe and get printed by a scanner incorporated in the Blackjack table.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Let’s just say that sometimes, players truly have the wildest of imaginations.”
  9. Myth: Live Dealers make mistakes on purpose when the house is losing (like dropping their cards on the floor) which results in the game to be cancelled.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Complete and utter poppycock. Live Dealers are extremely dedicated, professional people who would never-ever consider doing any such things that could harm their reputations. Besides, all our Live Dealers are carefully being monitored to ensure the optimal quality of the product and service provided.”
  10. Myth: Live Casino shufflers learn special techniques to shuffle the cards in the casino’s favour.
    Casumo’s reaction: “Please always remember that our Live Casino games are just as random as online slots. There’s no such thing as shuffle technique or special card tricks that could favour the house. Besides, just as our Live Dealers, shufflers are also carefully being monitored to ensure the optimal quality of the product and service provided.”

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Top 10 of Live Casino myths, please feel free to get in touch directly with our Casumo Ambassadors through Live Chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our FAQ section is also very helpful in case you’d like to know more about our Live Casino, Live Casino games, and how things work.

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18+ | Please gamble responsibly | T&Cs apply |

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