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Sharing Insights: Casumo’s Company Values

Casumo’s Company Values – Peek into the world of Casumo

In 2012, Casumo was founded by five guys who all shared the same frustration with the online casino industry, as well as a vision of how things could be done better. No other online casinos had a real focus on product; products were complex, hard to understand and essentially targeted at the same people. Those five guys wanted to create something that could appeal to others, to people like themselves. Today, Casumo is best known for its distinctive brands and innovative online casino experiences. Casumo’s hive is buzzing more than ever with creative energy directed at improving and reinventing industry concepts. All of the magic created by Casumo comes into this world through the capable hands of over 300 employees, working towards and guided by Casumo’s company values. 

Read on to find out what they are!

All about Casumo’s Company Values

At Casumo we believe that values matter. They’re here to create a positive, friendly, professional and inspiring working environment where high performance is the norm. Have a look at the below to understand what Casumo’s Company Values are all about. We hope you’ll feel inspired just as much as we do!

Shine Bright — Be Your Best Self


Casumo Values - Shine bright


What it means:

We take pride in our work and ethics and continuously strive to grow both personally and professionally.

 How we demonstrate it:

  • We push our limits because we have real passion for what we do;
  • We show bravery and don’t shy away from challenges;
  • We are stars in our particular areas, but we’re never afraid to ask for or offer help when needed;
  • Egos are not amigos, we are humble.

Why it matters:

This creates a positive and inspiring working environment where high performance is the norm.


Own the Outcome — Be Accountable


Casumo Values - Own the Outcome


What it means:

We contribute to the future success of our team and our company by taking ownership of our work and actions. We lead by example and inspire others to do the same. 

How we demonstrate it:

  • We take initiative – we don’t wait for someone else to do it and we act with thoughtful, strategic follow-through;
  • We know that setting goals, measuring and evaluating our work sets us up for success;
  • We keep our commitments and deliver on time;
  • We understand the power of self-awareness, so we reflect on the work we do and how we do it and we frequently ask for feedback.

Why it matters:

This creates a fair, efficient and professional place to work.


Teamwork Makes the Team Work — Collaborate


Casumo Values - Teamwork


What it means:

Together, we can achieve and exceed our goals; we believe in the power of collective genius and invest in strong, diverse working relationships built on trust, fairness and respect for others.

How we demonstrate it:

  • We are not afraid to lead, but we understand when to follow;
  • We offer support to others when they need it and help them to achieve their results;
  • We acknowledge that everyone can make mistakes and we are not afraid to admit to ours; 
  • We are approachable people and we believe that healthy conflict makes a team stronger, but understand that our behaviours can impact and influence others, so we always approach challenges in a positive way.

Why it matters:

This supports a friendly culture where we learn from and challenge one another to deliver beyond what we thought was possible as a team and community.


We are Pioneers — Be Bold, Be Brave


Casumo Values - we are pioneers

What it means:

We are idea generators, solution seekers and ingenious innovators that dare to challenge what is and imagine what could be.

How we demonstrate it:

  • We are bold in expressing our opinions, finding creative solutions and addressing challenges;
  • We are prepared to make mistakes and learn from failures;
  • We have a ‘can-do’ attitude and always look for ways to turn around a “no”;
  • We embrace change and all of the opportunities that change brings along with it.

Why it matters:

This empowers us to use our knowledge and expertise to deliver innovation in how we work, what we create, and how we serve to always be a cut above the rest.

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